Chapter 872

Ryleigh was stumped. She was so anxious that she was on the verge of crying. “Of course, I’m not…” Maisie seemed to have understood something. She frowned and chimed in, “Alright. Let’s go to see the doctor now.” While Ryleigh was getting herself checked in the gynecology department, Maisie and Barbara waited outside. After a short while, Ryleigh came out of the room with the nurse. Her eyes were red around the rims, and it seemed like she had cried. Maisie opened her mouth and asked, “Ryleigh, you…” She kept her head low and did not say anything. Barbara sat in front of the nurse and asked, “May we know what’s going on with our friend?” The nurse looked at her and replied, “She’s fine. Her hymen is ruptured due to external force and bleeds a little.” Barbara was stunned. It took her quite a while before she came around to her senses and asked, “Can something like that happen as well?” The nurse answered matter-of-factly, “The toughness of the hymen varies from individual to i

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