Chapter 873

Helios lowered his head and said apologetically, “I've learned everything, and I'm sorry for the trouble. I've looked into it, and those people aren't my fans.” Helios knew his fans very well. His fans would never do such outlandish or even irrational things in his name. “Yeah, I know.” Barbara nodded. It did not matter if she believed him or not. Even if they were really his fans, she could understand as well. Without waiting for Helios to say anything, she looked at him and said, “I'm the one who caused you trouble. It seems I have to be careful from now on. If you have nothing else to do, Mr. Boucher, then I'll—” “Let’s move,” he chimed in, stunning Barbara. She looked at him in confusion and asked, “What?” Helios looked at her and answered, “It was Katrina. It was Katrina who took that picture of us when I sent you back that day. She knows where you live, so it isn't safe for you to continue staying here.” It took Barbara quite a while before she finally came around to her se

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