Chapter 883

Larissa wore a snug fit evening dress and had a hand fan with her. She took a glance at Yael and leaned into Christina’s ear. “Haven’t you always been rather reluctant to get associated with the Goldmanns?” Christina cleared her throat and whispered, “That’s all in the past. I can’t keep all those things on the top of my mind all the time, can I?” Larissa realized the change in her mindset at first glance and wrapped her arm around Christina’s arm. “Then let’s board the deck together.” Yael and Helios followed the two best friends closely, and that was everyone from the Bouchers and the Lucases. The banquet became even more lively after their arrival. After a while, Daisie and Colton arrived with an adult-sized mascot, the mascot’s costume tightly covering the person inside. No one would be able to recognize that it was Ryleigh at all. Ryleigh stared at the people around the venue from within the costume with tearless grief. ‘Zee said she had a brilliant idea in mind, ensuring th

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