Chapter 884

Colton’s cell phone rang all of a sudden. “It’s Waylon!” He picked up the video call and handed it to Nolan. “Daddy, Waylon, and Great-grandpa want to talk to you!” Nolan picked up the phone. The video was a blessing from Waylon and Titus. Maisie leaned over and exclaimed, “Waylon!” Waylon’s indifferent face turned a little warmer after seeing his mother again. “Mommy, I miss you.” “Your daddy, your younger siblings, and I are waiting for you to return to Zlokova during the winter break. Have you been a good boy and listened to your great-grandfather while you’re abroad?” Waylon nodded. “Yes.” Nolan placed his arm around Maisie’s shoulders and looked at the person on display. “Take care of yourself while you’re there, don’t get sick.” Listening to his father’s concern, although Waylon did not give off any expression on his face, he accepted it with a tough attitude. “I know. You’re being way too wordy.” Waylon then handed the call to Titus, and the latter exchanged a few words

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