Chapter 885

Barbara finally could not help it as she seemed to have a picture of how Ryleigh looked now in her mind and laughed out loud. Helios and the others just happened to look in this direction when they heard the peal of laughter. Some of the wealthy socialites who had never seen Barbara asked, “Who’s that woman standing next to Mrs. Goldmann? Haven’t you seen her before?” Tanner cleared his throat. “She’s the daughter of the Chases.” “Ah, so that’s the daughter of the Chases?” “Didn’t someone break the news before that, saying that she’s a murder—” Before that person could even finish speaking, Tanner had already bumped him with his elbow, motioning him to shut up. That man looked at Helios as the latter lowered his head and lightly shook his glass of wine. Although his attitude did not change much, that man noticed the slight and almost imperceptible split-second change in Helios’ expression when the word “murderer” was mentioned. Larissa came over to have a drink with Maisie, and t

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