Chapter 90

“Mother, Willie is doing so for the Vanderbilts.” Leila smiled, trying to make Madam Vanderbilt feel satisfied with herself and her daughter. Everyone knew that Madam Vanderbilt had always valued a grandson more. If it weren’t for the fact that Stephen did not have any son, Madam Vanderbilt would not even bother to care about the mother-and-daughter pair. Madam Vanderbilt had two sons, one was Stephen, and the other was Yorick. Yorick was Stephen’s elder brother who lived in the ancestral mansion of the Vanderbilts because he had given birth to a grandson for Mr. Vanderbilt Sr. Madam Vanderbilt had always attached great importance to this eldest son. If it weren’t for the improvement that Vaenna was showing right now, Madam Vanderbilt would never come to the Bassburgh in person. “Hmph, this might be good for the Vanderbilts, but after all, she’s not a man. Son, in any case, the family business has to be inherited by a man. This daughter will eventually become the daughter of anoth

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