Chapter 91

“Taylor Jewelry monopolizes the supply chain of black opal and tanzanite, so we can only go to Taylor Jewelry for supply. But I heard that Taylor’s offer has always been very high.” “It’s okay. Money isn’t a big issue to the boss of this company,” Maisie said as she handed Xander the list. Xander was startled. “Are you going to make Mr. Goldmann pay?” Although they were working in Blackgold Group, they were only considered to be an independent studio affiliated to the company. Maisie looked at him. “I have no money.” Xander forwarded the list to Quincy, and the latter took a glance at it. “For the two raw stone materials, we’ll need Mr. Goldmann...” Halfway through the conversation, his eyes were fixed on Taylor Jewelry’s rough gemstones supplier, and he was dumbfounded. ‘The price offered by Taylor Jewelry’s supplier is twice as expensive as what other companies would offer, but they’re not bluffing about the high price. ‘Black opal is a type of opal stone, but black opal is t

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