Chapter 910

Yael asked, “What’s going on?” Officer Zaleski replied, “We're here to investigate Katrina's accident case. We've collected some evidence, and we found that the accident has something to do with Ms. Hannigan.” Maizie shook her head nervously, “No… It wasn’t me…” Officer Zaleski looked at her and asked, “Do you know Gideon, Ms. Hannigan?” Helios squinted his eyes. “Gideon… He was one of Tony’s men, right?” Officer Zaleski nodded. He told them that Gideon was the one who had killed Katrina in the car accident. He also told them that Gideon had received $500,000 in his bank account after the accident. The remittance account was the account that Tony had passed on to Maizie and was not frozen. Elder Master Boucher said something to Officer Zaleski and allowed him to take Maizie away. Samantha’s face turned pale, and she covered her mouth. “I… I didn’t expect it would turn out this way.” Initially, she was kind of sympathetic toward this girl. However, little did she expect that no

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