Chapter 911

Maisie followed Nolan to the precinct for some follow-up on the case. She also said she wanted to see Maizie. Officer Zaleski asked an officer to take her into one of the interrogation rooms. Soon, a female officer led Maizie with both hands in handcuffs. Her face looked pale and haggard, and she had lost the former vitality that she had. Her uncombed hair looked as messy and dry as hay, and her bright and beautiful appearance had long disappeared. She glared at Maisie and scoffed. “Wow, are you here to laugh at me?” Maisie straightened her posture and explained calmly, “Must you make everyone around you sound so complicated?” Maizie did not answer as Maisie looked straight at her. “I would never do anything to persecute you unless you’ve overstepped my bottom line in the first place. But other than those things that I’ve done to you, I really don’t understand where your hatred for me stems from.” ‘The hatred that Willow and Rowena had against me was justifiable. ‘Willow’s hatre

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