Chapter 912

This would also be Maisie's last conversation with Maizie after the latter was imprisoned. Maisie was walking in the corridor, and Nolan’s figure could be seen standing not far away from the end of the corridor. He was waiting for her. He smiled as she approached. “Done talking to her?” Maisie nodded and stopped in front of him. “Yeah, I just had to figure out why she hates me that much.” Nolan held her hand and kissed her on her fingertips. “No matter what others think, my wife is always the best.” She stood on tiptoe to move closer to him. “Am I that good?” Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist as a hint of amusement flashed across his eyes. “Other than the little tigress that I have to face head-on from time to time, you’re just fine.” She choked on her own saliva. “Who are you referring to as a tigress?” He did not say a word, but the hilarity that beamed through his eyes and brows intensified. “Ahem, it seems that I’ve come at the wrong time.” Officer Zaleski interrupte

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