Chapter 917

Just like when Xyla had come to say thanks, she was just in the office for less than 10 minutes and nothing could have happened. Everything that Helios said made Louis think about Ryleigh’s reaction, and she seemed to care. His hand was still on his forehead, then his head started to hurt. “I have no intention of getting back with Xyla. It was just an event for her new movie. She had another date that night, but something came up, so she came to me instead.” He had agreed because he owed her, and it wasn’t too much to help. Helios put his hand on his shoulder and patted it. “I know you owe her, but it’s best to explain to Ryleigh. She doesn’t know what happened between you, so it was normal that she misunderstood.” The next day… The music academy was planning the Christmas event. The students registered to join the clubs, but they were mostly for solo instruments—most of the students went for piano and violin. In comparison, there were a lot fewer people who signed up to be pa

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