Chapter 918

Charles saw them but didn’t show it on his face. He smiled and asked Ryleigh, “I guess we didn’t get a lot of students to sign up.” Ryleigh smiled awkwardly. Ruby was Charles’ student. She laughed and said, “Sir, Ray has been working really hard at recruiting. We have three days. If we get a few today and a few tomorrow, we might not get a lot, but it could be enough for a performance.” Charles nodded happily. “It’s alright, I believe in you. The development of the orchestra in this academy relies on you.” Ruby started having a conversation with Charles at the side, leaving Ryleigh and Louis standing in their spots. Ryleigh was stuck between leaving and staying, but when she was hesitating, Louis put out his hand. She asked, “What are you doing?” He said, “Give me your hand.” She hesitantly put out her left hand, but before it was fully stretched out, Louis pulled her wrist forward. Before she could react, he slowly tied a bracelet with purple pearls around her wrist. She

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