Chapter 919

Louis lowered his head and looked at Ryleigh. “But what happened between us is all in the past now. I won’t talk to her anymore if you don’t like it.” Ryleigh didn’t expect him to follow her wishes and didn’t know what to say at that moment. It even made her feel that she was being petty and finding fault where there was none. “Ryleigh,” Louis held her cheeks and leaned closer, “We never did anything in our six years of relationship. You’re the only one I’ve touched.” Ryleigh’s face turned red, and she raised her hands and pushed him away. She then lowered her head and said, “Enough.” Louis added, “Yesterday was the first time… I hurt you. I’ll do better— Mm.” Ryleigh covered his mouth, her face red as a tomato. “I said stop.” Louis held her hand and kissed her fingers. Her mind went blank and almost started smoking. He continued kissing her, forgetting how fierce he had been the night before, and was instead gentle. Ryleigh fell into his arms and forgot to push him away. …

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