Chapter 941

It isn’t a smile from a brother to a sister. It is that of a couple. Could it be that she isn’t Mr. Boucher’s sister? Could it be that I was wrong the whole time?’ After they had left, Barbara sat at the side of the bed with her arms across her chest and said, “So you’re not unable to reject other people, Mr. Boucher.” Helios was eating the food she brought him and giggled. “Well, I can even sense your jealousy from here, so of course, I have to reject her.” Barbara went closer to him and continued. “It seems to me that she likes you so much that she wants to marry you.” Squinting his eyes, Helios fixed his gaze on her for a while before chuckling. “I’m already yours.” Barbara was stunned for a moment. After that, she averted her gaze and said, “Hmph. Don’t you dare think that you can get away like that.” The smile on Helios’ face widened as he put the meal box away. He reached out for her and pulled her into his arms as he said, “Isn't it because I have met you?” Barbara turned

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