Chapter 942

Maisie smiled. “Now that you've mentioned it, both of them were engaged three years ago. Originally, I wanted them to get married as soon as possible, but I was worried that Louis didn't like Ryleigh at all. Since they've been bonding with each other for three years, I guess it's time to consider their wedding,” Larissa said. She looked at Maisie and continued. “If you two want to wait for them, then let’s do it together next year. I’m sure it’s going to be very lively.” Maisie chuckled and said, “Maybe it’s three families.” Before Larrisa could understand what she was talking about, she received a call from Christina. She picked it up and said, “Christina?” Maisie did not know what Christina had said. She saw that Larrisa froze for a moment before replying in a surprised voice, “Really!?” Both of them chatted for nearly a minute. After that, Larissa laughed and hung up the call. “Seems like a good thing is about to happen to the Bouchers as well. Helios has found himself a girl

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