Chapter 943

The servant led Nolan inside. “Mr. Knowles, your guest is here.” Tristan waved his hand to dismiss them. He then poured a glass of red wine and said, “Seems like you’ve found something regarding the thing that happened on Christmas.” Nolan undid the buttons on his sleeves slowly and replied, “Can you show me your sincerity?” Tristan’s hand froze in the air. He lifted his head to look at Nolan and smiled. “What kind of sincerity are you talking about?” Nolan stood in front of the pool and said, “You’re hiding something from me.” Tristan put the glass on the side and came out of the pool. He put on the bathrobe, and while he was tying the belt, he asked, “What have you found?” Nolan turned his head around to look at him. “The things that your mother did to that kid.” Tristan threw himself on the couch. He pulled a cigar out of a box and took a sniff. “Do you think it’s an accident?” He played with the lighter with his hand, and the fire lit up half of his face. He took a drag fro

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