Chapter 945

Cocking her head, Daisie asked, “Why? Is it because Nolly offended someone, and they want to hurt him?” Maisie did not know how to explain it to Daisie. Suddenly, Colton opened his mouth and chimed in, “Nollace has a complicated background, right? There are people who want to take his life.” Maisie opened her mouth, but Colton put the fork and spoon down before she could say anything. “I was the one who wanted to switch roles with him. He should be the one who played the role that night. He originally wanted to switch with another student, but that student didn't want to play the role, so I helped him.” Daisie looked at him in confusion and asked, “What kind of background does Nolly have? Why would anyone want to kill him?” Colton did not say anything. Would he not expose that he had overheard the conversation between his parents in the study room if he said it out? Maisie looked at them and smiled. “After his uncle sorts everything out, you guys will be able to play together aga

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