Chapter 946

Maisie put the ledger on the desk and looked at Lucy. “I’ve thought about it. Let’s purchase two more shop lots.” Lucy was startled. “Are you planning to make Soul Jewelry a chain brand?” Maisie nodded. “I’m turning it into a national chain. We’ll then go global after the brand has stabilized in the country.” ‘My original idea was to make Soul one of the top contenders in the jewelry industry and go international, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m not only aiming to propel Soul’s reputation into the global market. The brand will also be picking up a piece of the pie in the international jewelry industry.’ “I believe that it’ll be successful.” Lucy smiled and gave herself a pep talk. “I’ll stay in Soul Jewelry and witness the development of our brand. No one will ever get to say that we’re a small company in the future.” Maisie laughed and breathed a sigh of reassurance. “I finally know why Uncle Kennedy would choose you as his assistant. It would be great if everyone could be as energ

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