Chapter 961

Maisie stared at the wine in the glass. “What kind of benefits did Madam Knowles give your grandfather in order to get him to help her out?” “How would I know? I’ve already told you what I know.” Jackie snorted and turned to look at Maisie. “Why don’t you ask my grandfather yourself?” “There’s no need for me to go to him myself. My husband has already made a move. But if my daughter were to get hurt when she’s in Octavia…” Maisie lifted her eyelids, raised the wine glass, and let go of it suddenly. The wine glass fell from the middle of the air and landed on the carpet, and the stem of the glass broke off from its body. “The Cliffords are just a family, and I’ll level it to its roots.” Jackie was taken aback. ‘W-Who does she think she is when she makes such a bold claim?’ He questioned her, “Who the hell are you?” Maisie put her hands in her pockets, stood up, and gave off a faint smile. “I’m, of course, Maisie Vanderbilt.” Jackie moved on with the questioning. “Are you really

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