Chapter 962

Thomas summoned one of his servants. “Get someone to bring that girl over.” The servant was taken aback, but he did not ask any further questions and could only go out. Thomas looked at Nolan again and frowned. “Are you Nolan Goldmann of the Goldmanns?” He had heard about Nolan, but he had never met him in person, and he seldom paid attention to the news that originated from the mainland. Nolan adjusted his clothes, and the chill in his eyes faded a little. “Yes, Elder Master Clifford. And please understand that hurting your men was never my intention when I traveled here.” Thomas then asked out of the blue, “What’s your mother’s name?” Nolan narrowed his eyes. “You should have a very close relationship with Madam Knowles. Didn’t she tell you my mother’s name?” Thomas did not respond to that. Nolan brushed off the dust on his sleeves. “My mother is the adopted daughter of the Knowles, Natasha Knowles.” Thomas froze again as if he had fallen into a trance. He lowered his face a

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