Chapter 963

However, upon thinking that not even the father was coaxing his daughter, Thomas endured the urge to do so. Daisie’s cries were so loud that they could even be heard from outside of the manor. Nolan pinched and rubbed the bridge of his nose, calmed himself down, and wanted to say something. However, Daisie pushed his hand away, turned around, and ran away. “I don’t want to see you anymore! I hate you!” “Daisie…” Nolan stretched his arm but missed her. Quincy took a glance at him. “Mr. Goldmann, I’ll go with her to keep an eye on her.” He then chased after her. Thomas put down the teacup with a pregnant expression. “Since the little girl refuses to go back with you, I don’t mind you staying in Octavia for a few more days, Mr. Goldmann.” Nolan squinted slightly and then turned to face Thomas after a long pause. “What are you planning, Elder Master Clifford?” Thomas chuckled. “You’re still our honored guests, and I’ll surely treat you like one. So don’t worry, I won’t use that gir

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