Chapter 964

Nolan was at a loss of words. After a while, he rubbed his forehead and explained earnestly, “Daisie, you must understand that this isn’t my territory, and I only came here to save you.” ‘Octavia isn’t part of the mainland, let alone Bussburgh. It’s indeed inconvenient and inappropriate for the Goldmanns to intervene in anything that happens here. Not to mention that the two families have had no grudges against each other, so there’s no need for him to start a feud for no reason. ‘It’s understandable for me to offend the Cliffords because they abducted Daisie in the first place, and I came here only to save my daughter. ‘Elder Master Clifford only wants Nollace and is willing to let Daisie go, which means he’s doing me a favor out of basic courtesy.’ Daisie sobbed. “Will Nolly die?” Nolan lifted his hand to wipe away the tears that were rolling down from the corners of her eyes. “Daisie, I know that you are a kind girl and don’t want to leave your friends behind, but you’re still

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