Chapter 967

Maisie continued reading information about the Knowles and saw something that made her pause because she was surprised. #Heir to the Knowles, Sam Knowles’ first love throws herself off a building, Sam Knowles sadly agrees to an arranged marriage.# #‘Luna’ seen drinking at a bar on Sam Knowles’ wedding night. ‘Luna’ once mentioned that she had a crush on a gentleman, hinting that it was Sam Knowles, but instead married Elder Master Knowles, who was 20 years her senior.# These two newspapers were one of the earliest gossip papers of Yaramoor. If it weren’t uncovered, no one would have known. Maisie took a picture of these articles and sent them to Quincy. When Quincy saw them, he was shocked. Quincy knocked on Nolan’s room and went in when he got permission. “Mr. Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann sent these to me. She found some of the Knowles' scandals. Nolan closed his book, took Quincy’s phone, scanned through it, and chuckled. “Interesting.” “She was able to dig out all this history. D

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