Chapter 968

Thomas had fallen for her during the one year he had spent with her, and they got into a relationship. Thomas had been studying for two years, and she had been with him the entire time. When he finally got his degree in civil engineering, he had to rush home because something had happened in the Clifford family, so he had to return to his country. He had promised Simmone that he would marry her once the issue was settled. His eyes turned dull when he remembered that. “If I had returned to see her sooner… she wouldn’t have died.” He turned to Nolan, who was standing next to him. “She was the fraternal twin sister of Olga, so they don’t look that similar. The Knowles were behind her death, and that was why I wanted to help her. “If the love of your life was murdered, I believe you would do the same. You wouldn’t just let it go, right?” Nolan was surprised. He could see Thomas' hatred for the Knowles through his eyes, mixed with remorse and regret. After a long silence, Nolan look

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