Chapter 977

Barbara’s cheeks were slightly warm as she buried her face in his shoulder and neck while he chuckled and carried her into the bedroom. The next day, because of last night’s downpour in Bussburgh, the cold weather could not have gotten any colder. It was 9:00 a.m. when it was still drizzling, Maisie took Lucy to several shops to discuss the rent and lease of those locations, and they finally chose a shop lot that was located in the Golden Triangle. As the two walked out of the building, Lucy held up an umbrella and walked next to Maisie. “Ms. Vanderbilt, only the rent would cost us $500,000 per year. Wouldn’t it be a little too expensive?” Maisie smiled. “The Golden Triangle is the most prosperous commercial center in Bussburgh. After all, it’s located in an area that has a large flow of people. A lot of foreign businessmen would fight each other just to secure themselves a location in this area for their business. Finding ourselves a shop lot here with an annual rent of only $500,

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