Chapter 978

Madam Knowles had contacted Thomas through a certain medium and told him that the woman he loved was forced to death by Sam back. That was why Thomas would interfere in the Knowles' affairs. Maisie squinted. “So Elder Master Clifford chose to cooperate with Madam Knowles in order to get his revenge?” She chuckled after saying that. “If Sam really forced Elder Master Clifford’s lover to death, and Madam Knowles has used this condition to convince your grandfather into getting back at the Knowles, don’t you think it’s strange? Shouldn’t Sam be the one who gets killed first and not Elder Master Knowles, who has nothing to do with it? “Madam Knowles allowed Sam to live until he died of illness. How could your grandfather wait so patiently for so many years?” She stared at Jackie and uttered word by word, “If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to wait for that long. Unless there’s a reason for me to do so.” Jackie looked down as he thought about something. He then picked up the wine glass

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