Chapter 979

Nolan’s expression dimmed. “No one is allowed to mention this. And pay close attention to the latest news. As soon as it’s reported in the country, you’re to immediately suppress and block the news.” Quincy nodded. “Yes.” … It was evening in Yaramoor. Zeta walked into the manor, took off her coat, handed it to the servant, and stepped into the study. She walked to the fireplace, leaned over next to Madam Knowles, and reported something. Madam Knowles, who was lying on the rocking chair, slowly opened her eyes. “Was everything done flawlessly?” Zeta nodded. “Bob claimed that he didn’t leave anyone alive behind.” Madam Knowles beckoned to the poodle lying at her feet. The poodle stood up, shook its body, and jumped into Madam Knowles’s arms. She then stroked the poodle’s fur. “That’s great. The young one is now dead. We’ll just leave the two old ones alive and let them live their remaining years in grief and regrets.” A commotion came from outside the study, and it was Tristan. He

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