Chapter 986

Daisie was rendered speechless. Colton was such a weirdo. When Waylon heard the doorbell ring, he turned around to get the door and saw that it was Ryleigh and Barbara, both carrying some food. Barbara had never seen Waylon before and thought that he was Colton, but there was a difference, “Why do you have a tan?” Ryleigh laughed. “He’s not Colton. That’s his brother. Colton is over there.” Barbara looked over and saw Colton and Daisie in the house. It wasn’t surprising as they did look too much alike. “Godmother, Aunt Barbara, you’re here.” Colton waved. Once the food was nicely seasoned, they started preparing for dinner—barbecue. Barbara and Daisie were playing with Sapphie while Colton and Waylon helped their mother start the fire. Ryleigh skewered the beef and got closer to Waylon when he saw how serious he was, “Have you been undergoing military training for three years?” Waylon looked at her. “Something like that.” Ryleigh nodded and patted his shoulder. “But boys l

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