Chapter 987

Maisie was curious but didn’t ask anything. She went in and yelled something. Kennedy put down his food and walked to the door. Samantha asked if he could speak with her, and he nodded. Maisie watched them walk into the courtyard, and her curiosity was piqued. Ryleigh and Barbara immediately approached her, especially Ryleigh, who was very surprised. “Why is Aunt Samantha here?” Maisie smiled and touched her chin. “Why can’t she be here? But what happened between Uncle Kennedy and Aunt Samantha?” Samantha loved Sapphire and would come to visit her when she had time, yet she hadn’t been around a lot lately. And looking at the two of them speaking outside but not knowing what they were talking about, the entire atmosphere felt weird. Barbara put her arm over Ryleigh’s shoulder. “I think it’s best not to speculate. Let’s eat.” Ryleigh agreed, and since she was hungry, it would be a good time to have a great meal. Maisie stood there and took a few more glances when the two walked

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