Chapter 990

Jackie probably had his own reasons for staying in Bassburgh. Maisie suddenly remembered bumping into Zeta at the restaurant and that the latter had said she was going to meet a friend. “Were you the friend Zeta met at the restaurant that day?” Jackie turned to look at her. “Why?” Maisie crossed her arms and said it was nothing, then added, “Zeta was someone Madam Knowles arranged to get close to Mr. Knowles. Did you… not know?” After saying that, she raised her brows and smiled. “You didn’t get involved in the affairs of the Knowles, nor did you ask why Zeta borrowed your car. You might be pretending to be ignorant, but since you lent her your own car without question, it means that you were very close.” People would usually only lend their cars to the people they trusted and had a good relationship with. Otherwise, would they lend them their cars? Jackie chuckled. “Are you an investigator?” Maisie shrugged. The wind blew the last leaf off the tree while Jackie stayed quiet

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