Chapter 991

After Jackie finished speaking, he turned around to look at Maisie. “I know about her affairs with Mr. Knowles, including the fact that she is a courtesan trained by Madam Knowles.” Maisie remained silent. Mayhap Zeta had only been following Madam Knowles' orders, becoming an assassin as well as betraying herself. She had sold her life to Madam Knowles and never considered how the consequences would be. On the surface, Zeta indeed had done a lot of bad things. She was the one who had hatched the plan to kidnap Nollace, and she was also the one who had almost killed Colton through that ‘accident’ on Christmas. However, she had just been following orders. Was Zeta really that bad? Maisie did not think so. At the end of the day, she was just Madam Knowles' pawn. If she had really been a bad person, she wouldn't have rejected Jackie when he confessed to her. Instead, she would have used him to help her get back on her feet. She could easily win over a man's heart with fancy words, b

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