Chapter 992

Ryleigh was stunned, and she quickly explained, “That's not what I meant. My cousin isn't young anymore, so I'm sure he'll be happy when he becomes a father.” “What about you?” Maisie rested her arm on Ryleigh’s shoulder and teased, “When are you going to give Louis a chance to become a daddy?” Ryleigh pushed her away and said, “Stop making fun of me.” Barbara and Maisie let out boisterous peals of laughter. In the meantime, Helios and Louis came in. “We can hear your voice downstairs.” Upon seeing Louis, Ryleigh said with her mouth pouted, “They are making fun of me.” Helios shrugged and walked straight toward Barbara while Louis turned his head sideways. Ryleigh grabbed him by his collar and snarled, “Where are you looking at?” She stomped her feet and added, “Are you going to help me or not?” Maisie chuckled. “Ryleigh, it isn't good to tell on your cousin-in-law.” Ryleigh looked at her and said, “I’m your cousin-in-law as well.” When the thought popped up in her head, sh

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