Chapter 1

  "Oh, sister-in-law, what are you doing? Are you running away from home?"   As soon as Suzy walked down the second floor with the suitcase, Tiffany's strange voice followed.   Suzy just glanced at her faintly and ignored her. She continued to walk downstairs with the suitcase.   Coincidentally, she ran into Leonard's mother again on the first floor. Quinie Lin, who had always looked down upon her, looked at her intently, "Where are you going with a suitcase so early in the morning?"   Why didn't Suzy realize sooner that Quinie was a sign of trouble after having been her mother-in-law for three years?   If it were in the past, she would have definitely apologized carefully and coaxed her, but now, unlike in the past, she didn't want Leonard anymore, so she didn't want to deal with this bad-tempered old lady anymore.   "Anywhere but here is fine. You can rest assured, Mrs. Xu, I will never come back to the Xu's house ever again."   Her old gentle self from the past was gone, and although her words were indifferent, there was also no flattery behind her eyes. The coldness made Suzy different from how she was before.   Quinie was very unaccustomed to the daughter-in-law who used to bow her head in the past suddenly talk back like this, her face suddenly sunk. "Suzy, is this how you treat your elders?"   "However you treat me is how I would naturally treat you too."   Suzy raised her beautiful eyebrows, her inexplicable arrogance and coldness made Quinie angry.   "Suzy, maybe you've forgotten that I'm your mother-in-law?"   Hearing this, Suzy glanced at Quinie, then curled her lips and smiled. "Sorry, you won't be my mother-in-law soon."   As soon as she finished speaking, there was the sound of a car horn honking outside the villa.   Suzy furrowed her eyebrows. "I'm leaving, Mrs. Xu. All the things I left in the room, I won't be needing them. Whatever you want to do with them is up to you. Just throw them away or burn them. Don't contact me again in the future."   As she dragged the suitcase slowly, she spat out a few words before walking out, "You Xu family, you're disgusting."   Quinie hadn't recovered when Suzy said, "You won't be my mother-in-law soon."   When she heard her say such a sentence, she became so angry, "Suzy, are you crazy? Come back here, or I will tell Leo you—"   "Mom, did you see Suzy? It was so funny how she was dragging a suitcase so early in the morning," she said as she laughed. "It was like she passed by me on purpose so that I would try and stop her."   Tiffany walked out of the villa and saw Quinie standing motionless. She raised her hand and pulled the old lady's sleeve, "Mom, what's wrong?"   Quinie's expression was complicated. Before, whenever she mentioned Leonard, Suzy would behave, but today, hell, she actually left without looking back.   Outside the door, the sports car left in a hurry.  Quinie walked out of the door, only to see the shadow of the car.   "Is she gone?"   Tiffany followed out and curled her lips, "Well, I need to leave too. Zara is back. If she didn't leave on her own, my brother would have driven her away sooner or later!"   Quinie thought so, too.   The Wen family's youngest daughter was back, so if Suzy could initiate the divorce on her own accord, then that would be really great.   Suzy was sitting in the Porsche, flipping through the divorce agreement in her hand, and after reading the terms, she signed her name with satisfaction.   Yuna Qiao, who was driving, saw it, and sighed softly. "Is it really that simple?"   Suzy put the cap on the pen. "What were you expecting?"   Leonard's first love has finally returned, what else could she be delusional about?   For three years, whether it was long or short, Suzy actually thought that no matter how cold the heart was, it could at least soften and melt with the warmth of her love.   But Leonard had no heart. He only had his heart set on his first love.   Suzy felt that she was a little shameless. He was threatened to beg for retribution and asked him to marry her. She held the title of Mrs. Xu for three years for nothing. Now that Zara Wen was back, she naturally had to give up her place. Otherwise, how could she be worthy of Leonard's three-year loyalty toward Zara?   Yes, she and Leonard have been married for three years, and they haven't shared the bed once.   This matter was so top secret that it couldn't be said so casually, otherwise, the people who laughed at her for three years of being forced married with Leonard would insult her with it.   Three years was enough for her seven years of unrequited love to stop.   She raised her hand to cover her eyes, blocked her tears, and did not let Yuna see her like this.   She was still a person. No matter how free and easy-going she was, ending up like this after ten years of unrequited love was still painful for her.   The red sports car stopped, and Yuna lifted the sunglasses on her face, "You are Suzy Yun! No matter how many times you fall, you will always get back up!"   After Yuna finished speaking, she gave Suzy a kiss.   Suzy looked at her and laughed. "That's right, I will march headstrong into this battlefield!"   But, no, to throw the divorce agreement to Leonard with refined confidence was indeed such a difficult task.   Suzy took the agreement and pushed the car door and got out of the car. She was married to him for three years. This was not the first time she came to Qianxing, and of course, it was not the first time she was stopped by the receptionist.   "Ms. Suzy, if you didn't make an appointment, then you can't go up. Mr. Xu is very busy. If everyone can go up without an appointment, then what is the front desk for?"
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