Married To The Gateman
Married To The Gateman

Married To The Gateman

By: Aishatuh M
Updated up to Chapter 95
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She could feel the pain slowly overcoming her soul. The agony, the grief, taking over all that she once thought was alive in her. She felt so empty that she was sure her whole body will echo if someone was to shake her. But she stood, rigid as though a hundred years old tree, clinging onto the only thing that made her alive; her eyeglasses. Through those glasses, she had seen things she had wished she could erase. She had hated the things she once loved, places she once cherished and the man she grew up to love. It didn’t matter who he was to her, his role in her life or even the title he possessed. She was going to take revenge, she was going to make him regret, she was going to make her father cry right before her eyes! But what if he chose to add more pain to her aching wounds? The day he declared her married to a gateman, the strings left attaching her with him were forcefully cut off. And she was certain even if it would take her till eternity, so long as she stayed married to the gateman, her father would never know what happiness felt like!

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