The Assassin's Surrender: Connor and April novel

The Assassin's Surrender: Connor and April novel

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The Mogul's intense adoration
By: Manogyna Marthi I drew menacing steps towards the goat. Anxiety warred on his face as he took trembling steps backwards. "How dare you touch her?" I growled holding my hands in fists like a hungry predator. His treacherous eyes started looking around searching for an object that he could defend himself. I clenched my jaw. "You have nothing to help yourself, you pig. I am your peril speaking who is going to end you merciless." Ari screamed in fright, her eyes closing in terror as I landed a blow on the fiend's face. "Please don't kill me." Robert pleaded with reddened face. "I will surrender to the cops." He succumbed to the floor as I blew another fist on the bastard's stomach. "That's not going to happen." I raised my leg holding him by the collar and plunged my feet between his legs. "Oomph" he held his crotch and landed to the ground in an affliction. I raised my fist almost hitting him for the boundless time when I feel the pressure of a hand on my shoulder. "Please don't kill him. I want you beside me not behind the bars." Ari implores with tears running endless out of her eyes. I look at her pink full lips that were bleeding in the corner, my vision scrolls down. Her slender neck had several nail marks covered in red an apparent view of physical torture. My flaring eyes directed to the muck curled in a ball in soft whimpers. My leg lifts instinctively stabbing him in his stomach. Robert takes one last staggering breath and drops unconscious. I look at Ari's hands that had several burn marks finally landing on her svelte fingers. "Why didn't you tell me about him earlier?" I ask her in agony almost unheard of my own tone. "I invited myself into this and couldn't bring up to ask you for help one more time. I need to suffer the consequences." "What happened to your ring finger?" The pain was too much to bear that my tone felt almost unheard. She told me stone cold and determined. "I refused to remove our wedding ring and he beat me to trash for still carrying your name."
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