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The Luna's Vengeance
By: Webfic WerewolfI am Amalthea Jade, the daughter of the prestigious Matthew and Thea Jade. My parents died in a rogue attack, and the only hope I had was my chosen mate, Blake Cohl.I thought I got all the happiness in the world when I got married to him, but on my wedding night, he brought his fated mate to our wedding room. The mate, he can't reject.I would've let go of her if she hadn't provoked me, and naturally, I did what anyone would've done in a situation like this. I attacked her.There's a rule that if any person attacks another person without a reason, then he/she is punished with 20 whippings, but since I am the luna, I was given another option, apologize to my husband's fated mate.Bow down and apologize to the person who took away my happiness? He must be joking.Rather than bowing, I took not 20 but 50 whippings to remember this humiliation for the rest of my life.Feeling tired, I decided to leave, as my father also thought that Blake was the better alpha than me. But as I was leaving, I came to know that my parents’ death wasn't just a normal rogue attack case. It was more than that.The plan was simple. Avenge my parents, the humiliation I suffered, and start afresh, but what am I supposed to do when the Lycan king starts tailing me?How the hell am I supposed to react when he says he wants to marry me, and that he will destroy everything in my world if I keep refusing him? Not to mention how he hates me.“I can’t marry you because I hate all the males with the alpha syndrome, and I am already married,” I barked at him.“And? I don't see why that's a problem. Let me make it clear, Amalthea. I want you, and I will do anything to get you, even if it means I will have to turn this world upside down,” He smirked.How am I supposed to get on with my plans like this? Not to mention the rogue head who is strangely interested in my matters more than I am.Oh, and did I mention I was in the process of awakening my powers that even I didn't know of?
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