Chapter 1177

Meanwhile, Nash left his other hand in his pocket as they shook hands. Zachariah immediately deduced that Nash was the one helping Melody out. Melody beckoned. “I’ve made reservations for a private room. This way, please, Mr. Dune…” Zachariah was a composed man. Despite knowing there was a man who was on good terms with the governor-general present, he still managed to keep his cool. He chuckled as he said, “So, you’ve started addressing me as ‘Mr. Dune’ as well, eh, Melody? Your father and I used to be good friends. You can address me as Uncle Zachariah if you prefer that!” Melody smiled slightly as she nodded. “This way, please, Uncle Zachariah…” A smile materialized on Zachariah’s face as he walked ahead of them. Nash walked calmly beside Melody. They gathered in the first private room on the third floor of the Empire Hotel. Wine and food were soon brought to their table. Melody and Zachariah both had a glass of wine after exchanging pleasantries. Zachariah cut s

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