Chapter 1178

Nash put his phone down and picked up his glass so that he could clink it against Melody’s. “How do you plan to deal with the Eves?” Melody smiled a mysterious smile. “Take a guess.” Nash downed the wine in his glass in one gulp before smiling slightly. He said, “You’ll either summon several powerful families to work together and overpower the Eves, or you’ll employ the use of martial arts to have the Eve family disappear off the face of the earth. "I guess that you’ll use the first method!” “That’s right. I think I’m going to allow the Eves some room to catch a break tomorrow. Then, I’ll get rid of them once and for all once I find enough people to help me out!” Melody took a small sip of her wine. Hints of worry appeared in her eyes. The Eves had risen through the ranks to become one of the elite families after acquiring everything the Stones once owned. It would not be that easy to convince the other elite families to turn against the Eves and help her out. Zachariah

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