Chapter 1179

The phone on the table began ringing. Zachariah was calling. Saul picked up the phone and said in a pleasant voice, “Hello, Governor…” “Things will pick up for the Eves tomorrow,” Zachariah said in a calm voice. Saul’s good mood became even better. “Thank you, Governor. I’ve already sent someone over with some gifts. Please do accept them!” Entrepreneurs still had to bow down to the authorities. What did it matter if Melody was powerful? She still had to bow down to the governor, did she not? “Thank you, but I’ll pass on the gifts. I just hope you’ll reconsider your decision regarding the layoffs. Those employees don’t have it easy either!” Zachariah said in a displeased tone. “You’re a just man, Governor. I respect that. I’ll make sure to treat you to a good meal some other day!” Saul was in a great mood. Most of the losses had come from the plummet in shares, but he had already gained control over that situation. The shareholders could still be placated for now, so

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