Chapter 1180

Night gradually fell. In Stone Manor, Nash had just taken a shower. He leaned against the headboard as he spoke to Hera over the phone. Hera said excitedly, “I’ve been keeping up with the happenings of Sagen. Melody is so cool for causing this much ruckus in Sagen’s business world in just one day!” Nash smiled slightly. “You should learn from her. Either make no moves or surprise everyone the minute you decide to strike. The business world is like a battlefield. Things are changing constantly, and you’d be making an irresponsible choice by deciding to show your enemies any mercy!” Hera giggled. “I’m doing pretty well myself, alright? The employees now act like they’ve seen a ghost whenever they catch sight of me!” “Indeed, you’ve made a lot of progress!” Nash stared at Hera, who was wearing a sleeveless top. He asked in a gentle voice, “Have you been eating? Don’t starve yourself, baby!” “I’ve been eating so much. Jesebel prepares amazing food every day!” Hera replied.

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