Chapter 1014 Catching Up With Old Friends

Little Leonard struggled and broke free of Janet’s arms. He waved an arm enthusiastically. “I seek and you hide.” Lizzy nodded and turned around to grab Little Viemond’s hand. “Can my brother play too?” This time, Little Leonard kept quiet. He merely pressed his lips together and eyed Little Viemond in a hostile manner. After Nell’s explanation, Little Viemond already understood that the boy in front of him did not bully his sister. They were just playing. However, he was always a proud boy. It was fine if he was at home with his own family, but when facing outsiders, especially during the first meeting, he would never apologize for what he had done. Therefore, both kids stood still and stared at each other. Their little faces turned red as they held their breath, but neither one of them gave in. Nell and Janet laughed. In the end, they failed to play hide and seek together. Ultimately, the two boys were intelligent yet stubborn, and even a bit aggressive. They we

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