Chapter 1015 Tell The Truth

“I only thought of this question when I was chatting with Liam just now,” Gideon spoke calmly. He made circles on the surface of the glass with his fingers and said, “I don’t know whether Gregory and Vickie have thought about it, but when that thought came to me just now, I felt a chill running down my spine.” If he felt that way, surely, Nell felt the same way too. Her expression shifted immediately. She remained silent, then stood up without warning. “I’ll call Vickie and Gregory at once.” “No hurry.” Gideon stopped her. “It’s difficult to explain on the phone. Haven’t you agreed to meet Vickie tomorrow morning? You can explain when you two meet up tomorrow.” Nell pondered and agreed. No matter how urgent it was, there was no need to rush things tonight. Thus, she gave up on the idea of phoning Vickie and drank the glass of milk Gideon handed her. Then, she brushed her teeth and went to bed. The following day. When she woke up in the morning, it was almost 9:00

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