Chapter 185 Awkward Atmosphere

Jason Morton came in at the same time. He was probably here to look for Celine. Therefore, when he saw Nell sitting alone in the dressing room, he was caught off guard. He was aware of Nell’s part in the show, but he never expected to meet her here. The makeup artist did not know of Nell’s previous relationship with Jason, but she knew that Young Master Morton was Celine’s fiance. It had been quite some time since filming began, but it was the first time he paid this film set a visit. She smiled at him and asked, “Are you here for Celine, Young Master Morton? She’ll most likely be here soon. Why don’t you wait here for a while?” Jason wanted to decline, but when he saw Nell, he agreed to it. The makeup artist told her assistant to get a cup of water for Jason. The assistant eyed him secretly and realized he looked more handsome in person than in photos. With such good looks, he would surely be popular if he became an actor! Unfortunately, he was not interested in becomi

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