Chapter 186 We Have Been Set Up

Nancy could not help but frown. She was somewhat miffed. “What the hell are they doing again? Aren’t they engaged? Why is he proposing to her again?” Nell observed the scene. The man looked handsome under the sunlight while the woman was beautiful. Celine wore a white dress and carried a bouquet of roses in her arms as she stood there with an emotional and contented expression on her face. They seemed like a perfect match for each other. She pouted and muttered, “Looks rather nice.” “Huh?” Nancy was puzzled. “I mean, from this angle, their stances are rather nice.” Nancy was speechless. ‘Girl, are you insane?!’ ‘One of them is your ex-fiance and the other is the hoe who stole him away, and you think that they look nice together?’ Nell looked away and laughed when she noticed Nancy’s confused and shocked expression. “There is always someone for every type of person! We should be more big-hearted and refrain from feeling upset over the same old issue.” Nancy was n

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