Chapter 321 Lost Pearl

Putting aside the two’s marriage, the New Year was coming up in just a few days, and Nell heard something very strange. The missing daughter of the Garrett family was suddenly found! The news started spreading two days ago. It was because of this that the elders did not have the time to interfere with Tara’s marriage. The Garretts had been searching for so long, so it was not surprising that they finally found the person they were looking for. What was odd was that the person in question was someone Nell knew! Looking at the computer in front of her, Nell wanted to laugh at the pile of information that Nancy found for her. The term “a centipede wriggles when it’s already dead” should refer to Celine Jennings. The missing darling Young Miss of the Garrett family? Hah! How was that possible? Others might not understand Celine, but Nell knew her the best. How could Celine be some sort of lost pearl? She was the illegitimate child born when Shaun Jennings had an affair with Sally

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