Chapter 322 Unintended Mistake

Harrison’s sonorous and clear voice was heard moments of entering the room. There were many people seated in the living room. Among them were not only the Garrett family but those who came to offer their best wishes for the return of Harrison’s daughter. It was a norm to muddy the waters in the capital. However, a slight rustle of the wind could easily blow any news up. Nell and Gideon came later and by the time they arrived, the Grahams and Fosters were already there. With a face of reluctance, Joel was pulled over to sit with his father, Xavier Foster. His eyes lit up at the sight of Nell and Gideon walking in from outside. “Brother, sister-in-law, you’re here.” Gideon walked over hand-in-hand with Nell. The housekeeper to the Garretts was an old man named Collins. He had been attending to guests in the living room and overlooked keeping an eye on the entrance. With Gideon approaching, he immediately advanced forth and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I didn’t kno

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