Chapter 658 Back To The South

“I leave it all up to you if that’s the case! You’re a big girl now so it’s time you make life choices on your own. “My only hope is that you remember you have a home today no matter what happens. Your father and brother will always be your safety net to fall back on. Do you understand?” Janet’s tears silently rolled down her cheeks. Burying her head in her father’s embrace, she wailed and nodded. “I understand.” Feeling a little assured, Father Hancock gently patted her shoulder as if soothing a young child. He softly spoke, “Cry it out, you’ll feel better after crying it out.” The pair chatted for a long time in the room. The talk ended over half an hour later. Janet’s eyes were visibly red when she came down the stairs but it was obvious that she was in a lighter mood. Liam had been waiting for her downstairs. He came up to her as she strolled down. “How was it?” He lifted his arm to grab her hand and pulled her to their room. With a smile, Janet nodded and

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