Chapter 745 Disobedience

Mr. Osborne froze, surprised by the appearance of Yuliana. After all, Yuliana was eating on the other floor when he left. How could she run over that quickly? Thinking of how Gregory was still in the study, Mr. Osborne’s facial expression changed and immediately walked towards Yuliana. On the other side, Yuliana was at a loss. The servant just now had only mentioned that Gregory was in the study upstairs, but she did not point out where exactly it was. After Yuliana went upstairs, she realized that there were too many rooms on this floor. Each door was closed and she did not know which room it was. She had no choice but to search for Gregory room by room. However, she did not want to cause a commotion as she did not want to seem impolite. That was why she had only glimpsed after quietly opening the door of each room. As a result, she wandering along the corridor was viewed as suspicious through the eyes of others. When Mr. Osborne was approaching Yuliana, she had put

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