Chapter 746 Neck or Nothing

What Yuliana realized was that her father had never been that strict with her compared to her younger brother at home. Her father would tutor her brother sternly every day, but her father’s attitude towards her was too lenient. It was so lenient to the point where her father had no opinion on whatever she did. No matter how arrogant she was, even if she was an ignorant brat who only knew how to buy luxury items, become a fangirl, and do makeup, her father did not interfere with her life at all. The Yuliana before thought that it was because her father had deeply loved her. However, once she came out from her comfort zone and experienced all these events, she realized that she did not have the power to resist or deal with these situations. She had only realized that maybe her father did all of this because he had never loved her from the beginning. In his eyes, Yuliana was never a person that required fostering. Yuliana was his daughter, but she was also a pawn for the Lynch

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