Chapter 83 She Never Acknowledged

Led by intuition, Mia wanted to refute but was stopped by the headmaster’s lift of an arm. He frowned and looked around before fixating his gaze on Janet. “Janet Hancock, tell me. What happened?” Janet gave a detailed account of events. With so many present, she offered an objective and fair narration without spicing up or twisting the facts. With that, a furrow deepened between Oliver’s brows. “So Celine, you believe that Nell stole your original design print from five years ago intending to whitewash the scandal tonight and frame you instead. Hence, the reason why you sent Mia to steal the document?” Celine froze. After a while, she took a deep breath. A superficial argument was futile at that point. Thus, Celine answered, “I admit, I did bring it up to her in passing that Nell had taken the original and may use it against me but I never told her to steal for me. I was caught by surprise by her actions tonight. I would have stopped her if I knew.” The principa

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